What does Results 2Day mean?

Well as you can see, it is a play on my surname. However, more importantly, you can see it indicates that the focus is on business results.

My extensive sales background means that I am inherently focused on results and I can work cohesively with both marketing and sales teams to focus on achieving business outcomes. Having spent more years than I care to remember achieving quotas, I am naturally driven to achieve results.  

I believe that good marketing practices can transform a modern business. I am passionate about marketing and the profound impact that it can have on an organisation.

Results 2Day offers end-to-end results-focused marketing, from the creation of marketing plans right through to SEO and the creation and running of campaigns. Refer to marketing services for more information.

Strategic services include audits and strategic advice and guidance as well as documenting a complete marketing plan. I map your buyer’s journey, create buyer personas, and your ideal customer profile, align content to each buying stage and create a content and social media plan. You can read about this in the  blogs: mapping the buyer’s journeybuyer personas

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin with your marketing. I can help you get started. I can start by going through a marketing assessment, to understand your business objectives and the current state of your marketing and then I can tailor a solution to meet your objectives.  Refer to our Marketing Services for more information.

Perhaps you’ve already started but need to improve your results. No matter what stage of maturity you are at with your marketing efforts, Results 2Day can help you get the results you deserve!

I can be your one-stop shop for complete end-to-end marketing, covering the entire customer journey, from initial awareness of a product or service to the final purchase decision. Whether the goal is awareness, consideration, conversion, or retention, I can help. From strategic planning to  marketing tactics such as advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, events and more. The aim is to ensure you are presenting key content to your buyers at the most opportune moments.

My extensive sales background means I market with a results focus. If you need help setting up your marketing strategy or getting results from your existing marketing tactics please contact me via email

Christine Day

Results-focused marketing consultant

Christine is an accomplished, seasoned marketing consultant with an extensive enterprise software sales and senior management background.  Her sales management experience offers her a unique perspective on marketing that is results-focused and driven to make sure business objectives are met.

Her corporate sales experience covers both small and large enterprise software companies ranging from ManageSoft (acquired by Flexera Software LLC) to large corporates such as Insight Enterprises (previously Software Spectrum) IBM and Fujitsu.

Having spent decades overachieving sales quotas, Christine combined her sales expertise with marketing in 2013, forming Results 2Day as a fusion of marketing and sales consulting. In the last ten years, she has consulted with B2B SaaS start-ups, companies requiring high growth, as well as, B2C and not-for-profit organisations.


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