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weResults 2Day’s social media focuses on getting results through socials. You will no longer be asking, why isn’t that ad working or why aren’t I getting any conversions from this campaign.

I work to understand your clients, their buyers’ journey and what they want.  This in turn, uncovers the social media strategy. Not every channel is right for every business. I will prioritise the channels according to the business objectives.  Results 2Day consultants have been working with social media strategy since 2013.  We understand that social media is more than a pretty post.  Social media can enable businesses to attain and retain customers, to gain brand awareness as well as cultivate a corporate culture.  The possibilities are endless…
We provide Australian social media 
Our strategic social media services focus on business  objectives and include:

  • which social media channel is most appropriate for your objectives?
  • should you be advertising on each channel or only posting on your page?
  • how often should you post/advertise?
  • what is your target audience?
  • setup of tracking and reporting is crucial to determine campaign success
  • knowing the right content to attract your target market is key to a successful campaign
  • documenting the content schedule along with owners and timeframes provides the basis for the social media schedule

It is important to understand your buyer, their digital footprint and their buyer behaviour before embarking on social media.  Refer to our overview of the buyer persona and mapping the buyer’s journey for more information.
We provide Australian social media
Once this is understood, we will know which social media channels to focus on, the specific audience to target and the content to garner their attention.
We provide Australian social media  

Results 2Day can be your outsourced digital marketing team.  I will design each advertisement and post specific to the overall objective, audience and social media platform.  It is not a matter of one post fits all.  There is a science to social media posting.  For example, even a posting at particular times can mean success or failure. Read our guide on the best times to post here.  For more information on the science behind social media posting, read our Ultimate guide to social media posting here.
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