Social Media Intelligence Tools

Social Media Intelligence Software, Social Media Listening Software

Delivering relevant information and deep insights from social media requires the latest social media intelligence tools. Enterprise Listening/Social media listening/Social media intelligence – there are many terms to describe turning social media data into actionable marketing and business strategy insights. No matter what you call it, Results 2Day can provide you with the right technologies for your unique social media listening requirements, giving you access to some of the latest technologies from around the world.


Whether it’s understanding your brand’s reputation score, measuring social and/or brand KPIs, market research, finding sales leads or providing competitive analysis, Results 2Day, has been providing social media intelligence tools to Australia and New Zealand for over two years.  We can help you find the right tool to gain valuable social media insights and drive real business value.

Social Media Intelligence Tools, Social Media Listening Tools, Social Media Listening Software



With the ability to express and broadcast opinions about brands, products, services, and companies on social media, today’s customers are more powerful than ever before. Customers are more complicated than ever before, with complex interests and extensive digital footprints. Results 2Day can help with new social analysis tools to help understand the interests and passions of the people talking about brands and products on social media.