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Sales Oriented Digital Marketing Plans

Strategic Marketing

Our extensive sales background enables us to work collaboratively with your sales team and customers to drive demand generation and focus on providing business and sales-oriented end-to-end marketing. We take the time to understand your business and sales objectives and tailor your marketing strategy to meet those objectives.


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide both strategic and tactical marketing services. We strongly believe that good marketing practices can transform a modern business. We are passionate about digital marketing and the profound impact that it can have on an organisation.


Our sales-oriented marketing strategy will maximise your digital footprint, align with your business objectives, define compelling content and generate demand. We use our in-depth sales experience to automate the marketing experience. The ultimate aim is to positively impact the business’s bottom line and results. That’s why we named the company Results 2Day!


We review your current environment, understand your customers and develop a process that automates sales and marketing and achieves your business goals. Our consultants work with you to create buyer personas and automate the buyer’s journey, including a content and social media strategy.    Buyer Personas are an excellent way to understand your prospects so that you can digitally market them efficiently and effectively. Read more about our Mapping Services here and our approach in our blog: Mapping the Buyer’s Journey.


We align content and buyer personas to each stage of the buyer’s journey as well as create a content workflow to ensure that the buyer progresses from one stage to the next as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work with you to identify potential questions and objections that the content needs to answer.


KPIs are set up to align with your business goals. The great thing about digital marketing is that the KPIs can be measured in real-time and campaign modifications are quick and easy. We develop a KPI and detailed action plan to ensure that the plan lives on.


Of course, we tailor your digital marketing plan to your requirements and focus on what’s relevant to your sales and business goals.


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Sales Oriented Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

We start by understanding your business objectives.  Then we review your current marketing strategy, including your digital marketing footprint and provide an independent review of the current situation along with any suggestions for change.  Of course, concentrating on your business and sales-oriented marketing the entire time.

There are numerous advantages to creating and reviewing your digital marketing plan, some of which are:

  • drive demand generation
  • generate higher conversion rates
  • achieve results quickly and easily by monitoring KPIs
  • get ahead of your competitors
  • build a great reputation for your business
  • reduce costs by integrating marketing initiatives to reduce redundancy
  • increase your online awareness by targeting qualified traffic most relevant to your business

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Sales Oriented Digital Marketing Services

Your digital marketing team

Results 2Day are your marketing team.  Not only can we develop the high-level strategy, we can also implement the end-to-end marketing tactics. We tailor our on-going services to suit your needs. All our services including the day-to-day tactics are business and sales-oriented digital marketing. Get the digital marketing results you deserve with Results 2Day.


Whether it’s regular or ad-hoc services, we ensure you are achieving your KPIs. We can:

  • setup and manage your SEO (we’re Google certified)
  • setup digital ad campaigns that get results
  • create your social media strategy
  • setup and manage your social media posting
  • setup and manage Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, general website tracking and analytics
  • develop and manage your EDMs
  • create lead magnets, forms and landing pages for campaigns
  • develop a content strategy to move your buyers through the buying journey

We tailor our services to meet your needs


So please contact us we would love to hear from you!