Results-focused marketing services!

Are you looking for marketing services that deliver measurable results? With a rich sales background, I bring a unique perspective to the table, allowing me to collaborate with your customers and sales team to drive demand generation.

I take the time to understand your business and sales objectives and align them to marketing campaigns. What sets me apart is my data driven approach and background in sales.  I am passionate about the power of marketing to drive business success.

Results 2Day for marketing goes delivers tangible results for your business.

Results-focused Marketing Services


The results-focused marketing strategy will be your blueprint to maximise your demand generation, formulate your digital footprint, align with your business objectives, and define compelling content.  The ultimate aim is to positively impact the business’s bottom line and results. That’s why we named the company Results 2Day!

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I review your current environment, understand your value proposition, customers and create buyer personas, including a content and social media strategy.  Buyer Personas are an excellent way to understand your prospects so that you can digitally market to them efficiently and effectively. Read more about our Mapping Services here and our approach in our blog: Mapping the Buyer’s Journey.

To ensure that the buyer progresses from one stage to the next as quickly and efficiently as possible, we align content and buyer personas to each stage of the buyer’s journey as well as create a content workflow. The content workshop identifies potential questions and objections that the content needs to answer.

KPIs are set up to align with your business goals. The great thing about digital marketing is that the KPIs can be measured in real-time and campaign modifications are quick and easy. We develop a KPI and detailed action plan to ensure that the plan lives on.

Of course, I tailor your marketing plan to your requirements and focus on what’s relevant to your sales and business goals.

Corporate Events

Garner good quality leads and have fun whilst you’re doing it!  Yes it is possible with Results 2Day! Let me take the stress out of corporate events. Once we know your ideal customer profile, we can develop unique and sought after giveaways and make the event process fun and successful!

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I can plan the event as well as attend to make sure the day/s runs to plan and we bring in as many quality leads as possible. I take the stress out of event planning to make sure you focus on what you do well, talking to attendees and converting them to prospects. I bring them in and you convert them.  It’s great teamwork!

Social Media Strategy

Results 2Day’s has been providing social media services for more than ten years, and cover both strategy and tactics.  I work to understand your value proposition, key messaging, buyers and their journey.  This uncovers the social media strategy. Not every channel is right for every business.

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I make sure to prioritise the channels according to your business objectives. Strategic social media services include:

  • which social media channel is most appropriate for your objectives?
  • should you be advertising on each channel or only posting on your page?
  • how often should you post/advertise?
  • what is your target audience?
  • setup of tracking and reporting, which is crucial to determine campaign success
  • documenting the content schedule along with owners and timeframes which provides the basis for the social media schedule (tactics)

Search Engine Optimisation

The goal of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to increase visitors to your website through organic search results.

There is no black magic involved. There are simple rules to follow. Results 2Day has been providing SEO services to customers for over 10 years.

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It involves a variety of techniques including keyword research, on-page optimisation, content creation, and link building. By implementing these, you can improve their website’s ranking on search engines, making it easier for potential customers to you online.

Email Marketing

When implemented correctly, email marketing can be one of the best-performing channels for return on investment. In addition, it is crucial for nurturing and demonstrating thought leadership. And of course, it is a primary communication channel for updates and general information.

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Fractional CMO

Do you need a Chief Marketing Officer on an ad-hoc basis? Often organisations need the advice of a skilled chief marketing officer at infrequent but regular times.  Hiring a fractional CMO can be a very helpful way of advancing the business in a strategic way on an ongoing basis.

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A fractional CMO can add value in a number of ways

  • objectivity – bring a fresh, strategic perspective to the business
  • flexibility – you can tailor the services on an as needed basis
  • strategic planning and execution – the CMO can set the strategy and oversee it’s implementation
  • expertise – over time, the CMO will have a deep understanding of  the business and will provide quick and relevant information on an as neeeded basis.
  • cost effective – provides skills and experience that are normally expensive to bring to organisations on a full time basis
  • speed and efficiency – the outsourced CMO brings a network of proven resources and tools to enable quick and efficient campaign implementation
  • risk mitigation – it is often difficult to find the right full-time employee. with an outsourced CMO you
  • focus – by hiring an outsourced CMO the team can focus on their core competencies



Beginning with understanding your business objectives, I then review your current marketing strategy, including your digital marketing footprint and campaign results compared to benchmarks. I then provide an independent review of the current situation along with any suggestions for change.

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There are numerous advantages to reviewing your marketing, some of which are:

  • understand what is working and what isn’t
  • ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with business goals and objectives
  • get ahead of your competitors
  • generate higher conversion rates, by focusing on those channels and campaigns that produce the best ROI
  • achieve results more quickly and easily by monitoring KPIs
  • reduce costs by integrating marketing initiatives to reduce redundancy
  • drive demand generation


Once the buyer personas are understood along with their likes, dislikes, behaviour and digital footprint, the content workshop can be conducted.

The content workshop is designed to move your buyer to the next phase of the buyer’s journey by providing them with the content they need. During the workshop, we understand each buyer’s pains and objections and serve them content to solve their pains and answer their objections so they can move to the next phase of the buyer’s journey as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about the content workshop here.

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A clear content strategy is critical to the success of the overall marketing strategy since it is what drives buyers. From our experience, the best way to develop a content strategy is to run a workshop with key stakeholders.

The objective of the content workshop is for all key stakeholders to buy in to the content strategy.  A clear content strategy is critical to the success of the overall digital marketing strategy since it is what drives buyers.  From our experience, the best way to develop a content strategy is to run a workshop with key stakeholders.

The content workshop normally takes half to one day to run. It begins with an understanding of buyer personas and behaviours.  A content library, blog schedule and social media schedule are the outputs.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is crucial for effective digital marketing.

Results 2Day has experience in WordPress and Divi, as well as numerous other WordPress themes and builders.

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There are several key aspects of website maintenance that are critical to the success of a website. These include updating website content, monitoring website performance, ensuring website security, and fixing any technical issues that may arise. Although server technical issues are outside the scope of Results 2Day I can liaise with your hosting provider and website developer, to ensure technical issues are resolved.

Updating website content is an important part of website maintenance. This involves adding new content, updating existing content, and removing outdated content. Regularly updating website content ensures that the website remains relevant, engaging, and useful for visitors. It can also help improve search engine rankings by ensuring that the website is regularly updated with fresh, relevant content.


Analysing campaign performance is crucial to gaining insights into your buyer’s behaviour, measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, and optimising your marketing strategy to maximise results.

Firstly I analyse how you are performing at the moment. This will set the benchmark to ensure that we are measuring, analysing and improving against KPIs.

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Once the benchmark is established, this will form the foundation for new analysis comparisons. Regular reporting will aim to improve campaign performance and achieve business goals.

As you can see, marketing analytics is an essential part of marketing services and will help you stay competitive and achieve long-term success.