The Value of Social Media Listening

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is Enterprise Listening?


Enterprise Listening/Social media listening/Social media intelligence – there are many terms to describe turning social media data into actionable marketing and business strategy insights.  Forrester Research defines Social Intelligence as:

[/vc_column_text][text_box][vc_column_text]“customer and business insights derived from social media channels, used to drive business strategy and answer business questions”[/vc_column_text][/text_box][vc_column_text]Whichever term you use, it’s clear that there is tremendous value in utilising social media to analyse brands, products, the public, competitors or industries  across social media channels. Whether you want to track the success of your latest campaign or the opinions of the public regarding the latest government policy decision, social media can provide an excellent source of information.  For example, you can use social media to:

  • Identify trends
  • Uncover business strategy insights
  • As a source of input for your business/marketing goals and objectives
  • Gain marketing insights from consumers without them knowing you are asking.  This can enable you to:
    • understand industry trends
    • see what drives consumers to buy
    • understand consumers’ likes/dislikes
    • formulate your marketing strategy

If your’e starting out with Enterprise Listening, Results 2Day has developed a checklist to get you thinking of how you can gain the most value from social media listening.  It provides the framework for you to describe the scope of your requirements as well as providing some food for thought.  You can access it here


Types of Social Media Reports

Enterprise Listening has the advantage of garnering people’s opinions when they don’t know we are listening.  As you know, people instinctively answer a question differently when they know you’re listening which can sometime distort the results  of a focus group.  Enterprise Listening garners unfiltered views.


There are many ways we can utilise Enterprise Listening.  There are some examples below but the list is endless.


Brand Management
  • Which of our products are regarded highly, or poorly online?
  • How visible is our brand online?
  • What do social media consumers like about our brand?
  • What do consumers dislike about our brand?
  • Where are social media users engaging with our brand?
  • Who are the influential bloggers, tweeters or forum contributors addressing our brand?
Campaign Management
  • Did our recent marketing campaign increase our share of voice?
  • What are people saying about the campaign?
  • What do people like about our campaign?
  • What do people dislike about our campaign?
2014 Review
  • How did we perform on social media in 2014?
  • Can we see an alignment between our campaigns and our social media share of voice?
  • What drove positive sentiment in 2014?
  • What drove negative sentiment in 2014?
  • Who were our key influencers in 2014?
  • What were the key trends in our market in 2014?
  • See how our the implementation of our strategy effected social media
  • How do social media consumers discuss our industry and how is this influencing people to buy?
  • What is the latest trend?
  • What do consumers want from our products?
  • What are the buying drivers for our products?
Competitive Tracking
  • How significant is our competitors’ exposure on social media?
  • What is the tone of discussion involving our competitors?
  • What do people dislike about our competitors?
  • What do people like about our competitors?
  • What can I learn from our competitors?
Identifying prospects
  • Use social media listening to identify potential prospects .  You might be surprised how qualified some prospects can be!
 Corporate Communication & Crisis Management
  • Setup alerts to notify you of negative situations so that you can act in a timely fashion

Some examples of things we can look out for:

  • Topic – Brand, Industry, Customer service, price, quality, stock, performance
  • Mention-type – Complaint, compliment, recommendation, review, sales lead

If you would like to get started with Enterprise Social Media Listening?  Contact Results 2Day on (02) 8354 1554 or We can provide you with either world-leading social media tools, so your team can provide the analysis, or we can prepare the reports for you. Also, check out our Enterprise Listening Getting Started Checklist.


Just a little about us, Results 2Day are a digital marketing and social media listening company. We believe that good digital marketing practices can transform a modern business.  We are passionate about social media listening and the profound impact that it can have on a brand.  We believe that, if used correctly, enterprise listening insights can transform a business’ go-to-market strategy and provide invaluable on-going feedback to tactics and direction.


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